How to put Psptube on your Psp (easy way)

—- Maybe this wont work because its old, but this is how u basicaly do it—- This a video how to put Psptube on your psp…if you have any question just write and will write you back This should work in any custom firmware the link to download is: LINK DOES NOT WORK ANYMORE! _______________________________________ you will need to use winrar if you dont have it or dont know how to use it watch this tutorial: _______________________________________ ••••••How to use Psptube•••••••• People who doens´t understand this.. do this (After u got custom firmware). 1. Go to home(click the button) then click select and there will be a couple of options 2. Go to Umd ISO Mode. 3. If u have m33 cfw( i have) then click left/right and change to it, but if u have another.. then make to sony. 4. Reset device and it will restart. 5. Then it SHOULD work or u done it wrong. after presing X on the psptube press SELECT botton few times….then in the top letters it will say youtube videos or something like that… press CIRCLE….then write what u want to see _______________________________________ Watch my channel for more videos: PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL!!! PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL!!! PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL!!!

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