How to put Custom Firmware (CFW) on a PSP 3000

This is the method that I (aswell as many others) use. I’ve done this many times and it always works fine. Even though I say that, I take no responsibility if anything does go wrong. Here’s the link for the Chickhen R2: And here’s the link for Custom Firmware Enabler 3.60 COMMENAT RATE AND SUBSCRIBE! EDIT: Some users have reported problems with this version (specifically when loading PSX). The solution is to use this version: Instructions: For anyone that isn’t on 5.03, but is below it, here’s the file to upgrade. Place it in GAME folder of PSP and run it. Note: you cannot downgrade to this at the moment, don’t ask! Here’s how to get Custom Themes: 5.03 MHU: 1. Copy the Lite: cxmb into the root of the memory stick 2. Make a folder (if you havn’t already) called: seplugins . 3. In seplugins create a .txt file and name it VSH. 4. In the VSH.txt copy the line in the vsh document in the cxmb–Lite-seplugins folder 5. After that copy the random.ctf in your theme folder. 6. finally switch to your random theme, your psp will restart and you will be able to use 5.03GEN-A CTF!!! Thanks to xHSFxCecil for the instructions.

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