How To Install Official 2.1 firmware – Ultimate Droid ROM!

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE READ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Step 1 Download this file and save it to your desktop Step 2 Extract files using WinRar or Winzip and place in a folder name of your choice, remember NO SPACES Step 3 Mount your phone, open up the nandroid folder on your SD card, now drag the Ultimate Droid folder you just made into the nandroid folder, NO SUB-FOLDERS! Put it directly into the nandroid folder Step 4 Reboot into recovery mode, Press Power, and Hold X button at the same time Step 5 Wipe Data/Factory Reset Step 6 Go into backup restore, choose advanced nandroid restore, then click on choose backup, choose the Ultimate Droid ROM (this will show the name of the folder you created, so name it something you will notice) ex: UltimateDroid7.8 Step 7 Click on perform backup, after its installed then just back out by pressing the power button twice, then reboot and your done! Enjoy! For more information regarding this ROM please visit this link for screen shots, file downloads, and instructions: AND – Be sure to visit all the best forums for info, news and custom roms out there Seeya! DroidReview

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