How To: FULL Android 2.1 Homescreen on your G1/Mytouch3G (ADW Launcher)

How To Get Nexus One Launcher on ANY 1.6 custom ROM (G1/Mytouch3G) This is one of a couple video’s that I will be doing for Crusin’ down the streets of XDA I came across a neat little hack by a developer named AnderWebs. This guy managed to create from scratch, the Nexus One Launcher (Homescreen) or as I like to call it… the Sexy Nexy Launcher, for the G1/Mytouch 3G. If you’ve ever seen a Nexus One (most people haven’t) you’ve probably noticed their homescreen behaving a LITTLE different than your 1.6 Android phone. Gone is the sliding of the app tray. Instead it is replaced by a button that when pressed, gives a nice zoom affect to display your apps in the drawer. Also, there are little “dots” on the sides that when pressed, scroll the screen or when long pressed, display all of your homescreens in a card view. Anderwebs with his HUGE brain managed to create all these features AND MORE with the addition of a quick uninstall (drag any icon and hold to the trash icon to uninstall). You may have seen the ADW Launcher already in your favorite custom ROM but did you know you can flash it onto ANY 1.6 Donut ROM? You can! Anderwebs has been super friendly and helpful and even asks for people’s feedback on new features to add to future releases. To download his latest version of the ADW Launcher view his thread here: To install, simply flash over whichever custom 1.6 ROM you are currently using (NO wipe) and you will be all set! You

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