How To Fine Out Frame Rate, Take in-game Screenshots and Videos In Any Game

I don’t play much game, but since I got my new build desktop, I was able to play almost all the new games out there. If you are a PC gamer, I’m sure one thing that you would like to find out is the frame rate of your game you are playing. This is the ultimate benchmark for any systems. While some games do offer you a special feature to benchmark you system, games like Resident Evil 5 there is a in-game benchmark to test your graphics performance. Some games on the other hand will show you the frame rate, either enable it within the game’s setting or go to the game command prompt enter the code to show the frame rate. There are lot’s games let you do that, but the problem is that every game is different.

However, there is a tool you can download, called Fraps that will let you see the frame rate in any game without going through all the different settings.


This tool can also take screenshots and videos while you are playing game. With that said if you just want to simply find out the frame rate of any game, just run this application prior to your game launch. The frame rate will be display on the corner of the screen.

You can customize the key to take screenshots, and videos. When you want to make a game play video recording you will experience drop in frame rate, as the video will also be fairly large depending on the result ion.

Download Fraps here

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