how to download free psp demos to your psp

demos is U DO NOT NEED CFW (CUSTOM FIRMWARE)okay you need to upgrade your psp to a higher version.This is the link to the right there is a column with red writing go to the top of the column and press download now.then scroll down and agree. press save and then save it again to my desktop (DO NOT RENAME IT).Now link your psp with the computer and open your psp files, now open psp-GAME now you need to create a folder create it in the game file and name it UPDATE it must be in CAPSLOCK drag the EBOOT.PBP from your desktop in to the UPDATE folder.when you have put it in exit usb mode on the psp, then go to game memory stick, and then it should be there,before you press x make sure your psp battery is over press x just agree to everything and start the update this is the update version 3.93.once youve updated your psp watch my video again on how to download free psp demos to your psp, and then you should be done. link for version 4.05

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