How to download apps on your PS3 (Jailbreaking) [Part 2]

——–WATCH IN HD FULLSCREEN———– ———-Only Works On 3.55———- ——–Update For 4.XX Soon——— Video Part 1: **********Download Links************* All official system updates (OFW) – Kmeaw 3.55 (CFW) – (comes with an old version of multiman backup manager, dont download it.) Package Files (Apps) – (get multiman, file manager, ntfs support) This tutorial shows step by step how to install 3.55 custom firmware via usb flash drive method, to your PS3 slim or fat! This allows backing up game discs to PS3 or Downloading new games from torrents (piracy). YOU CANNOT DOWNGRADE FROM 3.56+ Video Skipper: 1. Format USB drive with FAT32. 2. Make PS3/UPDATE folder on USB. Copy over Official Firmware from sony’s website. 3. Reboot PS3 into recovery mode and update from USB. 4. Put USB back in PC and replace official firmware with kmeaw’s firmware in step1 folder of download. Also, put package files (apps) onto USB root directory. 5. On PS3, update via removable media. Once done flashing, “install package files” 6. Open multiman. 7. (For downloaded games) Insert Fat32 external harddrive to computer, and create folder called GAMES. Copy game folders inside there. PS3 Hacking Scene Background (In order from old to new): – Sony removes OtherOS from the PS3 in version 3.21, which used to allow consumers to install linux on their ps3 and use it as a desktop pc and/or write code for the ps3. – A separate

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