How To Control Two Computer With One Keyboard and Mouse

Do you have two or more computers ? Do you use them constantly ? Well if you do then I’m going to show you how you can control them with only one keyboard and mouse without any additional cables or hardware. The basic requirements are that both machine need to be access to a local network.

What you need to do is download this tool called Synergy it’s a free open source, that works on both PC and Mac.

Configure The Server

First you need to setup the server that is the computer that you are using with the keyboard and mouse.


Choose "Share this computer’s keyboard and mouse" and click "Configure … "


Under configure this can be little tricky. First click the "+" under Screens, be sure to have both name of the host computer and the computer that you want to gain access.

Now go under "Links" click "+" what you want to do is tell the program the physical location of the two computer that you are connecting with. Tell it which on is on the right and which one is on the left.

Configure The Client

When you done this, install the same program on the other machine. (i.e the computer that will be control by the server)


All you need to do is to put the server’s name under "Other Computer’s Host Name:". Run the test first if everything went well you are all set. Click start on both machine now you should be able to control both machine with one keyboard and mouse.

Download Synergy Here

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