Expired Certificate Error Nokia Symbian S60 V5

There are couplue of solutions you have to try your LUCK…and Work HARD 🙂

For some phones Solving Expired Certificate error is very easy

Open Menu >Settings

In settings Find Date & Time

Set your Year to “2006″. Because some applications are certificated for 2005-2006. After setting your Year to 2006 install the application who gives certificate error

Finish your installation and you can set your current date back:) Else you need to try other solutions….


Symbian Signed is the signing programme administered by the Symbian Foundation on behalf of the community. If you are writing an application to be deployed on Symbian-based phones, then you will need to know about Symbian Signed. In terms of cost if you plan to deploy your application commercially you will need a Publisher ID which costs $200 per year and each time you sign a SIS file it will cost €10 using Express Signed and €150 if you use Certified Signed. Once your application has gone through Symbian Signed you can distribute it as you choose.

Announcement of OPDA Symbian online certification-applying and smartphone software online signing system:

* OPDA online certificate system provides you the free Symbian certificates and software online signing service

* OPDA online certificate system provides you S60v3, S60v5, S60 UIQ certificates of 17-authority

* OPDA online certificate system can help you to sign software online, getting rid of the complex operations.

* Please use the account on OPDA smartphone forum, if you do not have any, please register.

* After your login, please submit your IMEI for applying certificate or upload your certificate for online signing.

* You are able to apply and upload several certificates and it is convenient for you to choose the right certificate.

* Please confirm your uploaded cer. and key are right, or the online signing system can not be used normally.

* Please do not submit for the second time if you have successfully submitted it. That may cause some unnecessary mistakes.

* Please note at the state of the certificate after application. It needs time to apply and please wait patiently.

* After the expire time, please reapply or upload the new certificate.

* Please judge the software by yourself before you upload for signing.

* The uploaded signed software is saved for you for a certain period for the convenience of your redownloading.

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