At least 36 government websites were hacked on Tuesday by online hackers going by the name Indian Cyber Army

The 36 websites were reportedly hosted on the same server.
According to Express 24/7 correspondent Sabur Ali Syed, some of the websites belong to the Pakistan Army and the others belong to different ministries, including the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Finance, Pakistan Computer Bureau and Council of Islamic Ideology etc.

So far, no official statement has come from the government on the cyber attack.

Some of the websites have been made inaccessible while others are partially damaged, reports Sabur. The attackers have reportedly inserted a page on the websites that indicates that the servers have been rooted.

The message on the websites says the attack is related to the Mumbai attacks. The following message can be seen on the page:

Rest In Peace
The Hero’s of 26/11 Who Laid their precious life for the country people
Pakistan’s Main Gov Server 0wned? r00ted? Hell Yes It iS
Everything is in our hands now .

Cyber attacks of a similar nature have been going on since 2001. Messages have been left on official Pakistani and Indian websites in the past.

A couple of months ago, two college students from Kohat were taken into custody by the FIA on accusations of hacking certain Indian websites.

Following is the list of hacked websites:

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