Google Nexus One launching in UK in a ‘few short weeks’

The wait for Google’s Nexus One phone could be a lot shorter than we were previously made to believe, after a spokesman from Vodafone confirmed that Google’s recently unveiled handset could be UK-bound within weeks.


When the Nexus One was launched earlier this week the company revealed that while US consumers could purchase the handset straight away, the UK and the rest of the world would have to hold on until later in 2010.


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A spokesman for Vodafone, the mobile network named as the Nexus One supplier for Europe, spoke to the guys at Engadget, who told them that the Nexus One phone was landing first in the UK in just a ‘few short weeks.’ Fellow European countries such as France and Germany would then get their hands on the Nexus One later in the year.


Google had spoken about the UK being a test market for the powerful ‘superphone’ and explained that sorting out domain names to sell the phone through its own online store in other countries was also something they had to resolve.


But with this latest bit of information from the likely Nexus One UK provider, it seems the ‘superphone’ is near enough ready to rock up this side of the Atlantic. Motorola Milestone owners across the UK must be screaming a collective ‘doh!’.


Link: Engadget


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