Google Instant launch solves doodle mystery

Google has put an end to the intrigue surrounding its recent homepage doodles with the announcement of Google Instant, a new version of its search engine that predicts results before you type queries out in full.


The new search-before-you-type functionality revealed at Google’s Search event, dynamically displays results in the middle of the page allowing users to quickly interact with content.



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Today’s grey coloured Google doodle which lit up as you typed in the search box, appears to make reference to the light grey text used in Instant to predict the rest of your query before you finish typing.


Marissa Mayer, VP of Search Products & User Experience at Google claims that using Instant will reduce search time on average by two to five seconds, and estimates if all web users upgrade to Instant they will save around 11 hours of searching per second.


Google Instant is available in the UK from today. You can check the official Google Instant video below.


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Link: Google official blog



Posted by Michael Sawh

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