GMapCatcher Helps You Browse Google Maps Offline

Google Maps is a great service that helps us out in getting directions to places we plan to go. However the service is completely online. This means that in order to look up the directions of someplace, we need to have internet connected to our computer. Now suppose that we have already used Google Maps to view our required map and need to view it again.

Obviously Maps will reload the same map, requiring bandwidth of our internet connection.

Would it not be more convenient if we could save images from Google Maps so that we can view them later offline, without sacrificing any bandwidth? With GMapCatcher we do just that.

GMapCatcher is a great freeware program compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac operating systems. The download file is sized at 9MB; once downloaded, the installation is quite standard and one has the application up and running in no time. Here is what the application looks like while running:

In the location bar we enter the area of which the map we want to view. If we have viewed the map of the location earlier, then we can check the OFFLINE mode box which will use the saved files to generate the maps.

Suppose I enter “Moscow” in the location bar and click on OK, here is what I will see:

We can double click on the red circle to zoom in. The slider on the left can also be used to zoom in and out of the map. If we want to save a file, we can click on the DOWNLOAD button to do so.

While downloading a file we can set the exact latitude and longitudes obtain the exact area we require.

GMapCatcher gives its users the feature to modify various options.

Amongst other options, we can set the default level of zoom and the default folder for saving files.

GMapCatcher is a better way to browse Google Maps than the doing so using our internet browser. It makes later offline browsing quite convenient. All Google Maps should give GMapCatcher a try; after using it, use the comments to let me know what you think.

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