Glympse : Geolocation Based Social Networking Tool for Windows Mobile

Windows Mobile LogoGlympse is a social network alerting tool that lets you share your location so that friends can have a glympse of your current location in real time. This tool is a great way to  co-operate social computing and  geo tagging in an easy manner.

Glympse interface

All you have to do is send a Glympse  via SMS or email (Even to twitter, facebook etc  that supports SMS push). You can add your own message in glympse and also set time period for which you wish to beam out your position ( max. four hours).

Once you’re done, a message will be sent to your contact .The message includes a link which contains the sender’s  location that can be opened to see the location on a map. Obviously, this app uses Bing maps service  for mapping .

Features of Glympse

1. Share your  location in real-time with friends and family on Twitter, Facebook etc.

2. Uses mobile phones in-built GPS to pin-point the current location.

3. Know your speed and location in real time from the app.

4. Supports both satellite and map view.

Download Glympse from  Windows Marketplace for Mobile.

Note : You must have Windows Marketplace app installed in you windows mobile inorder to access Windows Marketplace.

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