Genius! New HP Laptops have Spill-Proof Keyboards

I can hardly believe it’s taken this long to see something like this, but it’s probably one of the most handy features I’ve seen introduced in a long, long time: spill-proof keyboards.

This week, HP unveiled two new Windows 7 notebook computers designed for business users, the HP ProBook 5445b and 6545b, which both offer a keyboard with a drain. That means if a careless business user knocks over their coffee while typing out last minute notes for their presentation while balancing their laptop on a cramped tray table while flying to their destination, the only victim will be their pants, not their PC.

Of course, you don’t have to be a business user to need a feature like this. Anyone who regularly hauls their laptop to Starbucks, eats lunch at their desk, etc. could use this extra bit of protection.

The laptops, which also offer a number of other business-ready features like HP QuickLook, a quick boot option for access to email and contacts and HP Power Assistant, which helps you change power consumption levels on the fly, will start at $799. They’ll be made available on HP’s site in mid-November after the Windows 7 launch.

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