Free psp games ISO/CSO psp 1000, 2000, 3000, GO (UPDATED)

IFU HAVE FACEBOOK ADD ME SUBSCRIBE SUBSCRIBE FREEPSPGAMES This i the one that really works ———————————– http _____________________ OR OR OR OR OR http AND THE PASS IS NOTE:: if a game has a passwor dont copy paste type it by ur self thank you WinRAR 4.1.65.exe(CRACKED) How to combine game parts: Step 1: Make sure you have all parts of a game in the SAME folder, or all on your desktop Step 2: Open up the FIRST part of the file and extract it to wherever you wish Step 3: The rest of the parts will all come with it FAQ: Q: What is a .rar file? A: A .rar is a compressed WinRAR file. To open a WinRAR file you must file you must download WinRAR. A: A .cso is a compressed .iso file. Q: “My PSP shows ‘Corrupted data’ when I put a game on my PSP”? A: This means that you did not extract the file in the .rar. Q: Every time I try to start a game, my PSP shows The game cannot be started.(80020321)? A: This means you either do not have custom firmware(OE, M33), or you have the wrong UMD Mode(Normal -UMD required-). Try switching your UMD Mode to ‘M33 driver: NO UMD-)’ or ‘Sony NP9660: NO UMD -)’ for best results. If you do not have custom firmware(OE, M33), you must downgrade your PSP using a ‘Pandora’s Battery’ and ‘Magic Memory Stick’. Q: My game freezes at the start menu/during game play? A: Try switching your

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