Flashing a custom HTC HD2 (Leo) rom using Active Sync (Using HSPL)

[Disclaimer: I am not resopnsible for any problems that happen to your device] _____________________________________________ [Please make sure your phone has at least 50% battery life, but the more the better. Also its always a good idea to remove your SIM card before doing this kind of thing] [Custom Ruu] [Windows Mobile Device Center 6.1] [mskip’s Tutorial] [HSPL Official Thread] [What it says at the start as its hard to read] Does HSPL void my warranty? The first thing htc check when they service your phone is the spl, if hspl is on there, then yes. But you CAN reinstall a stock SPL after flashing if you want too, so they would never know. Can I recover my device If I brick it? yes you can, thats the difference between sspl and hspl, hspl is on your device permanently, so you can reflash just reflash your device if you brick it. How easy is flashing with HSPL? very easy thanks too bepe and cotulla and the xda forums Things to do –Make sure your phone has HSPL on (turn on device with the voldown held down to enter bootloader) –Make sure it says SPL-1.42 HSPL, to exit, pull out battery) –Make sure your phone has atleast 50% battery (settings tab/about phone/battery) –Remove your sim card and memory card, this is just a precaution, but it cant hurt right? better safe than sorry 😀

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