Fix iTunes Error iOS 5 – 1604 1015 1600 1602 & 3194 on 3GS 3G 4 iOS _ CONFIRMED WORKING!

YES, I am a girl and YES I know I’m a rare species. And as you can see, I know what the heck I’m talking about, I do this for a living. 🙂 UPDATE: IF YOU ARE TRYING TO UPDATE TO IOS 5 AND ARE GETTING ALL KINDS OF ERRORS LISTEN UP! UPDATE TO THE LATEST VERSION OF ITUNES. YOU -WILL NOT- BE ABLE TO UPDATE TO IOS 5 ON PREVIOUS VERSIONS. IF YOU ARE UPDATING TO A PRE-DOWNLOADED IOS 5 (DOWNLOADED YOURSELF OUTSIDE OF ITUNES) THEN YOU NEED TO SHIFT+RESTORE — NOT SHIFT+UPDATE. (OPTION+RESTORE ON MAC) IOS 5 JAILBREAK IS NOW UNTETHERED!! (TETHERED MEANS THAT EVERYTIME YOUR PHONE TURNS OFF OR BATTERY DIES YOU WILL HAVE TO CONNECT TO A COMPUTER AND BOOT TETHERED WITH REDSNOW). SO, YOU CAN GO AHEAD AND UPGRADE THEN JAILBREAK IF YOU DO NOT DEPEND ON A CARRIER UNLOCK, OTHERWISE STAY AWAY AS IOS 5 CANNOT BE UNLOCKED YET. This will Fix Error 1604 & 1605 on Your iPhone 3GS or 3G on iOS 4.0 !!! If iTunes keeps giving you a 16xx error when you try to restore to iOS 4.0 custom firmware, follow these steps for a Jailbroken & Unlocked iOS 4.0 with on your 3GS or 3G. Confirmed working on my phone, 3GS accidently upgraded to stock iOS 4.0 and 5.13.04. Now running unlocked and jailbroken iOS 4.0 with Cydia and T-Mobile. If using a Mac, press the Option button instead of Shift for Steps 2 & 6. 1. Change to sauriks serrvers (watch video) 2. Shift + Restore to factory 3.1.2 (link below) 3. You will get 1015 Error 4. Run Blackra1n (link below) 5. Take sauriks servers out of the hosts file (watch video

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