First Impression of the HP mini running on Windows 7

As from my previous post we showed you how to install Windows 7 on a netbook. After few hrs of playing around with this HP mini (1116NR 8.9’’ 1.6G N270 with 16GB SSD) running Windows 7 I’d say that I’m VERY impressed by the out come.

Okay first if you want to ask me why I want to install Windows 7 on a netbook when it already preload with the Windows XP. I’ve got you few reasons why I would do this.

1. Any OEM product comes with some preloaded software, get rid of those software takes time. And initially I was going to do that, but after few try of painful long waiting of uninstalling software’s I decide to give it up.

I don’t know why Windows XP with 1GB ram still runs extremely slow. Seriously I can’t even run single task, and often it will take minuets to respond.

2. Expand from my previous reason, this little machine only comes with 16GB SSD, thus get as much available space as possible is very important.

3. While Windows 7 RC still have another 6 month free period to use, why not give it a try. (actually I installed Windows 7 Professional  for this netbook)

Alright lets talk about more on the HP mini running Windows 7.

From start to finish installing the new OS it might take awhile. Depending if you ran into any problems. I had a problem when my USB HDD didn’t copy the entries source that are required for Windows 7 installation. So  end up I need to recreate the image few times before I had a success. I think its a bad sector on the driver that doesn’t write or read data anymore.

The boot time on this machine is average, rather still some what impressive. Boot into Windows 7 from power on, takes less than 50 seconds if you have Windows aero theme disabled and running minimal services. It takes less than 60 seconds to boot Windows 7 when you enabled addition services and Aero Theme.

Respond time is rather significant faster than Windows XP. Although, this N270 atom CPU doesn’t come with dual core, but it has 2 threads. With the addition threads, its another plus with Windows 7, since Windows 7 has a better thread management than XP.

The foot print of the OS is almost the same as when XP was pre-installed. When I first boot into Windows 7 I had a little more than 7 GB left, since I don’t use hibernation I can disable the hiberfil file being created and save myself another 1GB extra space from the limited SSD storage space. So I end up with more than 8 GB space after a clean install of the Windows 7 Professional.

windows load with firefox chrome and SE

As you can see here I have 8.15 GB left, this was after I installed Firefox, Chrome, Windows Live Writer and Live Messenger. I also have an extra 32 GB SD card for spare use, so I can extend the total capacity of this machine to 48 GB without using any HDD, which it may help to extend the battery life on this machine that only comes with 3 cell battery.

The other measurement  is the Windows Rating System. It takes awhile to finish rating the system.

windows 7 HP netbook score

It’s not surprise to see the HP mini only has 2.0 system rating. The Intel 950 graphics card is the biggest draw back. But hey at least it supports Windows Aero Theme. The second is the CPU, as only running signal core at 1.6 GHz with 512KB cache in L1 and L2.

I haven’t run enough long to test the battery performance, as I’ve stated it only has 3 cell battery. Probably you can get a max around 3 hr from this mini.

Overall, with the addition of Windows 7 I’d say that this machine is running fairly fast. Recommend everyone to run Windows 7 on their netbooks as well, as you will literally feel the speed.

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