Fast Dormancy — Save Your Battery from 3G Drainage

On today’s XDA Developer TV Erica is back to talk about the interesting topic of fast dormancy. When your phone is using a 3G network it is using battery as well. We all know that 3G is a battery vampire. As Erica explains how fast dormancy can help save your battery. Erica is asking for your help. So watch this video and learn about what fast dormancy it is. Then see what you can do to help out the community with implementation and understanding of fast dormancy. Remember knowledge is power! XDA Portal: XDA Forums XDA TV Link to Erica’s YouTube Channel: Check out the Samsung SmartApp Challenge 2012: Galaxy Series (S, S2, S3, Note) have access to this Service Mode. It is Samsung’s proprietary software and is not a granted element into every operating system. Phones with a custom rom, ie Cyanogen Mod, will no longer be able to access the Samsung proprietary Service Mode. While Supercurio’s Fast Dormancy app is similar to Gokhanmoral (since it does properly disable Fast Dormancy), Supercurio’s adds other research and functionality with the FD timers, which is crucial for users to be able to set their phones to optimal Fast Dormancy settings for their network.” Join the discussion thread here. http

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