Are you a math wizard or complete math idiot? Throw your self in this game and find out!
Challenge your family and friends and laugh at everyone after they’ve got beaten!
Coolest game for kids to practice math through play!

Let’s see what the fans say:

– Very funny and addictive game with a great idea. Quite challenging for your brain and eyes. Lots of surprises during the gameplay. Great entertainment and a ‘must have’ for your collection. Your whole family will love it :) . Five stars!
– Funny animations with nice graphics – a challenging memory game!
– The game contains 60 levels which will last you quite some. At the current price, this game is a steal, go BUY it NOW!
– With loads of really cute and humorous animations along the way, this game had me addicted! Love the twist at the end!

ElevatoR~ is a brain teasing game loaded with hilarious animations and pranks. Your goal is to keep a close eye on the stick figures as they enter and leave the elevator. Once the elevator is padlocked, it’s time to use your math gene to figure out how many stickmen are still left in there! It’s ideal to stimulate your mind and will surely bring you endless fun and giggle.

– Simple and Addictive Elevator Themed Gameplay.
– 60 Well Thought-out Level Designs, From Easy to Crazy.
– Hilarious and Hardcore Animations.
– Pranks Never Happen in Real Life.
– Challenge Your Friends Through Level Selection.
– Left-hand/Right-hand Compatibility.
– Great Graphic Design.
– Funny Real Life Sound Effects.
– Auto-Save Functionality.
– Sound Options to Disable The Sound.
– Infinite replayability.

Warning: Never underestimate this game! Or you’ll get fooled!
I can assure you that you can breeze through the first 10-20 levels, but when things are getting out of control and turn insanely difficult, you’ll figure out that becoming a real brainiac – WELL, NOT THAT EASY!

**Please don’t play ELEVATOR while driving**
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