Using VOIP on E71

I have been fascinated by the option that is available to users of E71 to use it as a SIP VOIP phone. Some of the advantages of using E71 as a VOIP phone are

  • Cheaper calls as calls are made over the VOIP interfaceScreenshot of SIP phone for VOIP on E71
  • Integration of your E71 with your personal exchange
  • Seamless integration since the E71 automatically detects the availability of the exchange when you in the range and switches the protocol from the local network to VOIP and enabling you to make cheaper calls automatically.
  • Receive or answer VOIP calls using your E71
  • Your E71 becomes a true communication device that allows you to Email, SMS, MMS, make cell phone calls, browse the Internet and make VOIP calls.


John Rogers at has come up with a post which is a tutorial on how to setup the E71 as a SIP VOIP client. However, let me warn you that this is not a simple process and those who are experienced should try this out. To get started you need a personal Asterisk PBX. There is a tutorial on how to set up one on

If you are the geeky kind try this and let us know if you are successful.

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