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It has been just few days to Google Nexus one announcement and availability but that doesn’t stop developers from finding custom hacks and rooting nexus one android 2.1. What more, a custom Android 2.1 Rom for Nexus One is also available now.

MoDaCo has released the first MoDaCo Custom Nexus One ROM, this ROM is based on the 22607 release ROM along with optimizations for best possible performance. The ROM also includes wireless tethering and several other enhancements.

Before attempting to install MoDaCo Android 2.1 Custom ROM do a nandroid backup so you can ‘roll back’ if required. Follow below step by step guide to install this custom rom.

How to Install MoDaCo Android 2.1 Custom Rom on Google Nexus One

1. Make sure you have unlock the bootloader rooted your Nexus One for full file system access on Android 2.1.

2. Download the patched recovery image from the source and install it.

3. Download the custom ROM from the source link and copy it to over to the SD card on the phone.

4. Enter the recovery image (if you’re not in it already) by powering on while pressing ‘Home’.

5. Select ‘Nandroid backup’ from the menu to do a backup.

6. If you copied the custom ROM as, select ‘apply’, else select the option below.

That’s it, Your Google Nexus one is now running on MoDoCo Android 2.1 Custom ROM.

Source: RedmondPie

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