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FreeUnRAR for S60 v3 and 5th Edition Devices
Jun.12, 2009 in Free Series 60v3 Applications, Nokia S60v5 Applications

freeunrar 00 FreeUnRAR for S60 v3 and 5th Edition Devices

FreeUnRAR for S60 v3 and 5th Ed
Freeware And Easy To Use Decompression Tool

FreeUnRAR is a freeware RAR decompressing tool on S60 3rd and 5th edition devices. It does not provide many advanced functions available in the desktop RAR application and the feature I miss the most is ability to compress file(s) into rar archive but after all it is not main purpose of this freeware application.

FreeUnRAR is designed to help your work with RAR archives on your provide an easy to use tool capable to decompress RAR files downloaded from Internet or received as attachments in e-mail messages and helps you to keep your business with you when you are on the go and have no access to desktop computer.

Talk about advantages of RAR against the ZIP compression is not main goal of this website but I have to metion that RAR format has an excellent level of compression.

RAR files can usually compress content 8 to 30 percent better than ZIP files and it will be great to have ability compress files for the backup purpose as well as for easier and faster sending from mobile device

All in all, a great freeware which is definitely a must-have, powerful, and easy to use decompression tool compatible with 3rd and 5th edition devices!

So this is not perfect .rar program on your mobile but does the job very well. Tested On Nokia 5800 works great on non-hacked phone.

FreeUnRAR for S60 v3 and 5th Ed

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