DOWNGRADE iOS4 iPhone 3gS to 3.1.2

This Tutorial is on Downgrading iphone 3gS from iOS4 (Official, GM, Custom Firmware, etc.) back to 3.1.2. You must add Cydia Server in your Windows Computer to Successfully Downgrade. Follow this guide to make necessary changes on your Computer. It takes a minute to do it. WINDOWS = MAC = Let’s Start. First you need to have itunes 9.2 obviously since iOS4 requires itunes 9.2. Go ahead and put your iphone 3gS in DFU mode. WHen itune detects device then hit Shift key on your computer’s keyboard + restore button in itunes. Now browse in 3.1.2 firmware file for your iphone 3gS. Download 3.1.2 firmware for iphone 3gS Downgrading process will now start. When downgrading is all done, you will get error 1015. This time close itunes , Unplug your iphone and Uninstall itunes from your computer 5 Apps will have to be Uninstalled. – Apple Application Support – Apple Mobile Device Support – Apple Software Update – itunes – Quicktime Once Uninstalled all of the above, then reboot your computer. After rebooting, install itunes 9.0.3 from here. Choose correct one for your System. After installing itunes 9.0.3 then again reboot your Computer. After rebooting, no need to open itunes. Keep it closed. Later when you open it you will have to move “itunes Library.itl” file from ” C:\Users\(Your Computer Name)\Music\iTunes ” . Drag and drop “itunes Library.itl” file to your desktop and close that folder. Now run Blackra1n. Download it

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