DOWNGRADE ALL PSP MODELS FROM 6.60 6.38 6.39 6.35 6.20 TO 5.03 6.20 6.35 6.39 *NO PANDORA*

***NOTE: AS WITH ANY PSP DOWNGRADE THERE IS RISK INVOLVED. PLEASE DO NOT BLAME ME OR THE CREATORS OF THIS HOMEBREW IF YOU CAUSE ANY DAMAGE, PERMANENT OR OTHERWISE, TO YOUR DEVICE. YOU ACCEPT ALL RISK AND RESPONSIBILITY FOR SAID RISK. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK*** This video will guide you through the process of downgrading your PSP with official software 6.60 to any other official firmware. This is useful for installing custom firmware of a certain version. For instance, if your PSP is version 6.60 and you want to install 6.20 PRO you can use this to downgrade. **IMPORTANT** Your PSP may only be lowered to the firmware that it was SHIPPED WITH. Here are basic rules of thumb for all PSP modules: 01g – Any firmware available 02g – Any firmware greater than 4.71 03g – Any firmware greater than 5.00 04g – Any firmware greater than 6.10 05g – Any firmware greater than 6.10 07g – Any firmware greater than 6.31 09g – Any firmware greater than 6.31 PLEASE BE CERTAIN WHAT PSP MODULE TYPE YOU ARE USING BEFORE YOU ATTEMPT TO DOWNGRADE OR YOU MAY ENCOUNTER PROBLEMS. BE CAREFUL. Here are the downloads. In the video, I go from 6.60 to 6.20, but it is possible to go to any other firmware that your PSP can support. Included are links to downgrade from 6.60 to 6.20, 6.35, 6.39, and for 03g and 02g ONLY, 5.03. Enjoy, and be safe please (the process is exactly the same for all of these downloads). DOWNLOADS PAGE: As you will notice, the downloads are DIFFERENT for the

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