Why We Should Hire You?

Try to find your own unique way to express:

* You hit the ground running
* You’re a valuable asset
* You’re a team player
* You can handle stress and pressure
* You think quickly on your feet
This question is asked to find the candidate opinion, or to verify the interviewer’s opinion, on why you are a fit for this job. It is a good question to ask yourself first. If you do not know the answer, a company can not be expected to know it, much less to give you the job. This is a question that you a candidate can easily prepare to answer by taking some time to compare the job description to your abilities. 
Avoid the answers such as “I will become a valuable to the company in a short time on the my work.” Everyone will say that, it is not unique. It does not answer the question – why should you be hired instead of someone else who will also claim to become a valuable asset in a short time? Interviewer will see through it in a heart beat.

Here is a good answer. “No matter how much preparation is made, sometimes things go wrong. I keep my head when the world around me is crumbling. All problems can not be avoided, but the most important thing is to deal with them quickly and calmly when they arise.”
Another good answer is to give an example from your life or work experience that directly relates to the job. “When my last company wanted to market a new product they were prepared to spend a million dollars on a well known marketing firm. I found we could accomplish all the goals using a local firm for about $100,000.”
You can even end this with a joke. “I asked them to split the savings with a $450K bonus – no dice.”
You can work some personality into the answer. After all, you’re an individual not just a set of skills. “A lot of people probably have a similar skill set, but I have a great sense of humor and handle conflict well. So not only can I do the job, but I contribute to a positive work environment. That’s important.”

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