Weird News: Spaceships, Kelly Brook and Germans

GT5 Fail

Sometimes it pays to go premium, but often the allure of the extras just isn’t worth the cash. The latter applies for those who’ve shelled out £150 for the Signature Edition of GT5, who are currently having a real nightmare trying to exchange special codes for collectors’ edition cars…

Toy space shuttle yours for $2 million
Your childhood dreams have been answered. NASA is offering to sell a full-scale replica model of the Space Shuttle Discovery for a paltry $2.2 million. If you’ve got the funds lying around and are tempted, beware: sellers SpaceToys are leaving Postage and Packaging up to the buyer.

Kinect goes all Minority Report
The Kinect hacks are in full swing now, as pale men in darkened rooms begin to turn Microsoft’s innocent gaming device into a Johnny 5-style intelligent being. This week saw a leap forward, as some clever types managed to use the device for Minority Report-style gesture-based web browsing.

Fastest burglary ever
Make no mistake: T3 does not condone robbery. That said, you have to hand it to these undesirables, caught on CCTV de-homing three fixed plasma TVs in around about 20 seconds. If only they applied those skills to something beneficial to society… like roadworks.

Strangeness afoot in Germany #1
This slab of Euro-oddness exploded on news sites this week, and for good reason. What we have is a man caught on Google Street View seemingly climbing out of a car boot completely naked, while a nonchalant dog sleeps beside the car. …Explanations on a postcard.

Strangeness afoot in Germany #2
Your second round of Deutschland peculiarity comes in the form of another Street View screen. Or does it? Essentially, it turns out that a supposed shot from the mapping service showing a roadside birth is a fake. Quite why people would bother to set this up is beyond us, but each to their own.

Kelly Brook becomes the face of the LG Optimus One
We’ve already talked at length about dodgy tech-celeb hookups, but we couldn’t resist bringing you this earlier in the week, simply because Kelly Brook is – as you may well have noticed – fairly attractive. Presumably, she also knows her stuff when it comes to Android. She’s probably already rooted.

Posted by Adam Bunker

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