Tech Week: Apple iPhone 5 design and T3 iPad Edition

News of the Week
One of the most exciting pieces of tech news this week comes from inside our very offices as the T3 iPad Edition is made available for pre-registration. The first UK magazine to produce an iPad edition, the version of T3 set to…


News of the Week
One of the most exciting pieces of tech news this week comes from inside our very offices as the T3 iPad Edition is made available for pre-registration. The first UK magazine to produce an iPad edition, the version of T3 set to land on the Apple tablet will combine the full printed magazine, with exclusive interactive and multimedia content. Whilst T3 prepares its iPad edition, Apple is rumoured to have been doing some work on the iPad itself with the next gen Apple iPad reported to be launching with 7-inch screen and 128GB internal storage capacity in the first quarter of 2011. All excitement on the iPad front then.


Elsewhere in the world of Apple and rumours have been circulating around the next handset to come from the Cupertino company. Whilst industry analysts report they have received information confirming the iPhone 5 will feature a redesigned body, a concept design of the muted iPhone device sees the handset add a projector and lose the physical handset shell. Whilst the concept design might be nothing more than a vision, with the issues that plagued the iPhone 4 design at launch we can see the next gen Apple iPhone taking on a new look.


Apple’s main competitor for smartphone supremacy, HTC, has this week launched the online portal for its Android smartphone user interface, HTC Sense. The online launch comes ahead of the HTC Desire Z and the HTC Desire HD handsets launching in the UK. Whist network provider T-Mobile confirming it will host both handsets in the coming weeks, HTC have revealed the HTC Desire HD will officially launch on October 14th. iPhone beater? It is definitely a possibility.


With the launch of the Google TV service growing ever nearer, Logitech has this week unveiled the first set-top-box that will host the service. The Logitech launch came following the official unveiling of the Google TV portal. Apple TV also made headlines this week as the second gen Apple TV device launched in the UK after selling out in the US. With all these internet TV services taking the spotlight, Plusnet has revealed its new price-beating broadband service, check it out here.


App of the Week | Skype
Skype, the daddy of VoIP calls, has long been the go-to choice for free video calls and is now on Android
T3 App Chart | Top 10 Android AppsSkype Review


Features of the Week
Having offered the T3 iPad Edition up for pre-registration this week we thought you might want to take a sneak peak at this game-changing digital magazine. So, being the generous folks that we are, here you go, the T3 iPad Edition: T3 as you’ve never seen it before.


With the days getting shorter and the nights stretching into darkness at all hours, all that time you are to spend coup up with your mobile needs to be spent wisely. To help you on this front take a look at the best apps: 50 mobile apps to change your life. We guarantee you will never be the same again.


This week marked the return of the Paris motorshow and with it a fanciable feast of the world’s most desirable, ferocious supercars. Making sure you don’t miss out on this display of lavish automotive pornography we bring you the hottest cars on display in Paris.


T3 Podcast – The web’s biggest audio gadget show
The talkative T3 tech team discuss the weeks top news and their gadget of the week, the Amazon Kindle 3
T3 Podcast episode 151


Reviews of the Week
Apple TV has been described as the Cupertino company’s ‘hobby’ by CEO Steve Jobs, this doesn’t mean that it isn’t as high-end and desirable as the rest of Apple’s product range however. T3 Editor, Luke Peters gets down and dirty with the second generation Apple TV service to bring you his in-depth review.


The Amazon Kindle is a leader in the eBook market with the latest edition, the Amazon Kindle 3 looking the best of the bunch from the online retailer. Testing this theory the hard to please T3 reviewers have put the Kindle 3 through its paces with a full score 5-star rating.


We know it’s only rock ‘n roll but we like it. That is the T3 reviewer’s view of the You Rock Guitar, a hybrid guitar that takes gaming to the next level whilst teaching its users a thing or two about playing a real instrument. A must have for fans of Guitar Hero and Rock Band.


——————————————————————————————————————————————————————Game of the Week | PES 2011
This is the big one from Konami, Players now have more control than ever, even more so than FIFA in places
PES 2011 review | Official PES 2011 site | PES 2011 vs. FIFA 11: The T3 reader verdict


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Friday 8th October: [email protected]: iPhone 4 screen issues and iPad 2 leaks


Coming Next Week: T3 Gadget Awards 2010 | Windows Phone 7 launch announcement | HTC Desire HD UK launch


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