App week: Angry Birds Christmas, TRON: Legacy game


TRON: Legacy LiveCycle game lands on iPhone
Welcome to the first live GPS-based motion game for iPhone. We’re all super-psyched about the launch of TRON: Legacy next month, and anyone familiar with the original will remember the iconic LightCycle battles. Now you can take on others with your own lighbeam and earn points by forcing your rivals to crash


Angry Birds festive edition set for December 11th
It seems not a week goes by without those angry little buggers nailing us with their news droppings. This week comes word that Rovio will be releasing a Christmas Edition of Angry Birds on December 11th. Can’t wait that long? Check out the awesome Angry Birds Peace Treaty video below.



Risque Android apps to get Mature rating
After copping an earful from Steve Jobs, among others, Google will now require app developers to rate their content on the Android Market to ensure that unsuitable content doesn’t get into the hands of children. Android apps will now be rated All, Pre-teen, Teen and Mature.


Branson gets in on the iPad scene
Nope, it’s not Sir Richard’s personal "I’m not Noel Edmunds" app, but a new Virgin magazine called Project. The digital magazine, set to be unveiled on Monday will be jam-packed full of entertainment, fashion, business and culture. 


App of the Week | Google Translate
The Google genii have created a phone tool which makes learning another language that little bit easier
T3 App Chart | Top 10 Android AppsGoogle Translate Review




Must.Eat.Birds for Android
What is it with birds and apps these days? It’s almost as if there is a hugely popular game out there and other app manufacturers are trying to grab a bit of the limelight. Thankfully Must.Eat.Birds is not an Angry Birds rip-off, but a decent game in its own right. You control a Nomster – which is essentially a hungry monster.


It’s magic and it’s a guidebook. It’s Magic Guidebook
Is this the best location-based search service for Windows Mobile yet? Well, granted, there isn’t that much competition, but Magic Guidebook is definitely worth a look. Download it today.


Feel the pleasure of your BlackBerry’s vibrations…
Oh Matron! This new app for your RIM (excuse me?!) allows you to ease the stresses of the day with over 15 different vibrations. This one seems to be for the wife, so just make sure you give it a wipe down before you start making calls again. Read our Pleasure Engine Turbo for BlackBerry review



Link: T3 App Chart



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