CES 2010 News: day two roundup

Following on from yesterday (press day) at CES 2010, today is the day to run around the cavernous expo hall and see the newest tech for ourselves. As well as that, today gifts the chance to explore the stands and scope out the best, weirdest and most intriguing of 2010’s upcoming gadgets. T3’s here with the best of them, moulding all the launches and announcements into solid gold chunks of newsy goodness.

Yesterday was dominated by all things TV, freeing up today as a chance for all that’s new from the computing and camera world to come forth. There’s Natal news, HD camcordering and a Microsoft tablet, to name but a few…

The biggest stories from CES 2010: day two are below, but remember to stay bang up to date over the coming days via the T3 @ CES 2010 microsite.

Sony Bloggie HD handheld camcorder coming soon
Samsung transparent laptop showcased
Sony Vaio W has eco-friendly option
Samsung S-Series camcorders get Wi-Fi connectivity
Microsoft Project Natal to hit by Christmas 2010
Microsoft/HP tablet debuts
MSI X-Slim laptops on the horizon
Google Nexus One phone launching in the UK soon
Portable touchscreen projector unveiled
Vusix 920AR 3D eyewear launched
World’s smallest dual camera displayed
Motorola Backflip launches

If that’s not enough, check out our day 2 roundup video.



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