Security & Defense Arabia Hacked by “TheJ0k3rS”

Security & Defense Arabia “SDA” – was hacked and defaced by TheJ0k3rS, main page now redirects to this page –


TheJ0k3rS left the next picture behind:


Dump login details –

Saudi Arabia’s King Saud University Database Hacked and 800+ Leaked

ZionOps has reported that the Official Website of King Saud University (KSU, has been hacked by unknown Hacker/s.

KSU is a public university located in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. the leak contain 812 User Accounts.

Leaks data is emails, usernames and other personal data such as phones. all passwords are not encrypted which is sad to see from a place that is there to teach you stuff.

Some results from the leaked data.

Vaild Emails found: 761
Duplicate Emails found: 45



Leak –

Mirror –

Mirror – hacked and accounts leaked by AlienZ


AlienZ has hit again, we got alerted to this by Zionops, AlienZ has attacked a online diploma and study website that is Arabic based. The leak contains a few hundred accounts and all passwords are encrypted. this comes as another blow to “Arabs” as the on going cyber continues to grow pace and heat.

Hey we are back.
We have a lot of information to publish this week. We have about 10,000 credit cards that belong to Iranians, but we decided not to publish them yet. We also have countless emails of Arabs. For now, here’s all the accounts for
We are AlienZ.