Most Clever member Of dR

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well here it is…….vote for the most clever member of dR

well u have to vote and the top 3 people who will give have the highest votes and they will go for polls and then we will decide the cutest member of all…so it means that we are gona do voting twice :)…All the best guys

P.S…..dont post anything rather than names of the members pliz and if ui r thnking sum1 only it is not allowed pliz but u can vote and thank for a person same tym example ”i vote for nishy and then u can say thnks 4 voting 4 me” but pliz no thnks only without any votes bcoz it will become hard 4 me thnks…and u can vote more then once…..and yaa this will go till this saturday (30/01/10) only…so hurry

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