dR Awards Coming Up Soon!!!!!

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hello my dear luvly members :wave:

as you know that i am gonna start dR awards 2010 the 1st big award function for dR (i think)…..

well this is how it will go……..

first we have a catergory and u have 2 tell who should be voted

then the 3 people who got the most votes will be nominated..i mean then i am gonna start a a poll…

and then as all of u know

from the best 3 whoever gets the highest votes will be the winner :yay:

so i hope u guys are ready 4 the competition…

i will definitely need people 2 help me as u all kno no1 has ever been able 2 organise an award function alone….

so here it is

these are the places where i need help and u can help me freely

***some 1 to make a nice an perfect certificate (as u all know that we cant give out trophies) for all the winners….pliz make a sample an pm me o if not then this is the id where u can send me……[email protected] but pliz wid ur names below or i will not be able 2 know who the person is :D***

***give me the creative ideas u hv or u want me 2 use here in this function***

***make me banners 4 dr awards 2010***

others will be coming shortly


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