The iPad Makes Its First Public Appearance Outside of the Apple Launch Event

colbert ipad

Apple is known for interesting and unique marketing tactics, so it wasn’t too much of a surprise when presenter Stephen Colbert unveiled the iPad on the 52nd Annual Grammy Awards last night. While presenting the award for “Song of the Year”, Colbert reached into his jacket looking for what the viewers assumed would be a nominee envelope, only to reveal he was in possession of an iPad. Great product placement on Apple’s part!

Right before he awarded Beyonce and the writing team “Song of the Year” for the track “Single Ladies”, Colbert remarked jokingly to hip-hop mogul Jay-Z, “Did you not get one of these in your gift bag?”

Some believe that Stephen Colbert was chosen by Apple as a marketing strategy to tap into some of his core audience. As far as anyone can tell this is the first iPad that has been in the publics hands for any longer than the hands-on demo for those attending the launch event. Some speculation hit the internet right after the event took place suggesting that the iPad, Colbert wielded, may have just been a look alike or a prototype. However that was quickly dismissed and it now seems to be pretty agreed upon online that this indeed was the real thing.

The device was seemingly responding like the real thing changing from screen to screen as well as the trademark portrait to landscape mechanic being evidently in place.

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