Quit Facebook Day

Yesterday was not only Memorial Day, but “Quit Facebook Day” as well – at least according to QuitFacebookDay.com and its highly-publicized initiative to get people to band together and leave the popular social network. That day has come and gone, and while it did manage to get 34,424 to quit (allegedly), it has pretty much been deemed a failure. Despite all the hoopla around Facebook quitting and privacy concerns, it appears that people are just not ready to part with their profiles, as they have become too big a part of their lives.

Could you do without Facebook? Would you want to? Comment here.

2 thoughts on “Quit Facebook Day”

  1. So we find that 18-25 year olds are insecure and narcissistic? Is that actually a new finding? and I second Mr. Mc. 🙂 Not to mention that 100 people in Canada is a rather modest sample size compared to the 500 million users all over the world.

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