Wired Photographer Versus a Capella Singers

Here’s the background: Here’s the video “Here Comes Another Bubble” Here’s what The RichterScales Are Saying: Here’s Lane Hartwell’s POV: Here’s Lane Hartwell’s images on Flickr: (she’s made most of them private, so you’ll have to dig to find ’em… she freelances for Wired Magazine if that helps. HERE ARE MY FAVORITES MUSIC VIDEOS SO FAR (note- putting these montages up is a violation of the terms of YouTube, so do it at your own risk). NOTE: Before you make a “poor artist has rights” comment, read the TechCrunch article so you’re at least informed (the photo in question would constitute fair-use according to copyright lawyers). And this is not an artist versus a big corporation that is monetizing her stuff. This is an accomplished Wired contributor picking on some struggling a Capella musicians that did a funny video using her photo for about a second (and then crediting her the best they could). Do you suppose she credits the people in her photos, and sends them checks? PS I am obviously very supportive of artist rights. This is just bullying, and The Richter Scales can’t afford to say so without suffering a PR disaster.

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