“Weighting for the Day (Obésité)” (Act 1 of 2)

“Weighting for the Day (Obésité)” (Act 1 of 2) Filmed in Paris, France and East Lansing Michigan USA (primarily in english language with some subtitles). Lindsay Wieber -Director Justin Menko -MoOF Director Jacqui Barkoski -Cinematographer Theresa Osmer -MoOF Cinematographer Jessica Grover -Tech Guru Year: 2007 In 2007 a group of twenty undergraduates from the Lyman Briggs residential College of Science at Michigan State University participated in a new summer Study Abroad Program in Paris on language, art and science (www.msu.edu ). In addition to having opportunities to study language at the Sorbonne, and compare the “science of art” to “the art of science,” they participated in a senior thesis project where documentary film groups chose to investigate topics that compared contemporary issues, in science and health, of France. This student-made documentary film examines the so called “paris paradox” that results from the fact that americans don’t understand how the french can eat all the foods the US considers evil [and the cause of obesity] and yet they remain slim. The filmmakers state: “The group members of Vingt-Vingt spent a portion of their summer investigating a myth in Paris, France. Are the French really as skinny as Americans make them out to be? This is the burning question that we investigated in our documentary film. How can they indulge in croissants, bread, pastries, cheese, wine and champagne and not have an obesity problem? The French are known around

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