TibiaBot NG Crack Tutorial

HACKERS ACCOUNTS OF FAKE VIDEOS – Bajens1337 estebanruizlalo WATCH OUT THEY CLAIM TO BE ME AND THEY HACK WITH THEIR URLS. If you like this video Suscript to me =) Tutorial of how to use the TibiaBot NG Trial Version “After some problems Video is Again Avaible” Frecuently Asqued Questions : 1- The program shutdown each hour how i fix this? A : its trial version forever this means it will shutdown each hour but u only open tibia and bot again simple! 2- Do i have to do this after 3 days? A: Yes you have to do and repeat this when the trial says ur run out of trial time 3- When will be full version cracked? A: still working and checking how this can be possible since the protector mode is hard to know when 4-Why my antivirus detect Trial reset this program like a Trojan? A: Antivirus will mark it as a Variant of WIN32 Agent trojan since it modify the registry keys very in depth for seek the protectors is a safe program. 100% this program its not for tibia use is for other applications use 5- Windows doesnt let me open Trial Reset!! A: your antivirus may be blocking it check it 6- You are gonna hack me? A: No i dont really care about the items you may have since i dont play this game anymore just doing this for help. 7-I Cant find Trial Reset help me! A: My Rapidshare Trial Reset link if you want you can download it from here but you are free to download it of anywhere u like 8-When I try to open the trial reset it open a box with an error: “Component “MSCOMCTL.OCX” or one of

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