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Learn about Google Voice on Nexus One; get transcribed voicemail and more. … “Google Voice” “Nexus One” “Android 2.1” Tutorial Tips Mobile Phone … googlenexusone … The Google voice app for Android-powered phones enables next generation voicemail and cheap international calling. With Google voice, when someone leaves you a voicemail, an update icon appears in the notification bar. The message is automatically transcribed to text and appears as a message in your Google Voice inbox …

16 thoughts on “Nexus One – Google Voice”

  1. claytonraymond2004 says: “You still need voice service. ”

    Not exactly. I’ve had Google Voice since they started offering invites, and shortly after discovered that I could receive calls from it for free on the free software phone Gizmo….since then, Google has bought Gizmo, and improved the concept even more. I haven’t had to pay a phone bill in months.
    Point is, all you essentially need is a mobile Gizmo app with a data plan, and you can say goodbye to a voice plan entirely.

  2. this needs PUSH sms and voicemail – works when you forward to gmail but then it messes up your inbox. probably seeing some big improvements in 2010 and sooner or later (when phone carries come around) all will need is data plan

  3. You still need voice service. Google Voice itself works through VOIP technology, but calls are still made. Essentially, you call Google Voice and Google Voice calls your contact, or the other way around where your contact calls Google Voice and Google Voice calls you.

    Phone calls go through Google Voice. It acts like a middle man.

  4. So let me get this straight, I use google voice on the nexus one, using the internet to make and receive all my phone calls free to the whole world. So you pay 530 to get the phone, then you buy a data only plan from a cell carrier for $30 bucks a month. Seems pretty good to me, what say the google haters?

  5. I’m had Google Voice since they were Grandcentral. Unfortunately, it tries to transcribe Spanish voice messages in English and the result is not pretty.

    Other than that I love it!

  6. Oh my god. that is so AWESOME! haha I NEVER listen to my voice mails so reading them would be great….

    I also love how u can say a text.. lol i’ve always wanted to say a message sometimes and have it written in a text

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