25 thoughts on “Kaspersky AntiVirus 2009 Review – Part 2”

  1. It’s not a antivirus, you idiot. It’s an antispyware software!! You should have an antivirus AND Malwarebytes. Eset Smart Security or Eset Nod32 are 2 antivirus programs that is recommended.

  2. people why not try malwarebytes it’s a good antivirus i don’t know about this one sow choose between this 2 kaspersky or malware

  3. i have a trojan and i have kaspersky 2009, and idk how to work my kaspersky yet. because i just got it. and i would appericate the help if anyone could answer this, and help me get rid of my trojan or quarantine it. thanks

    reply on my channel if u can help! thanks again!

  4. kaspersky rockz avg catches 70% of malware kaspersky gets 92 or summin bigger company quicker updates :D. Ik what u mean it is chatty especially when i had a virus on it

  5. well if people diddent have inuff space on there key then they will have to install a anti virus but if u have nothin on ur computer u might aswell re install the thingamabob

  6. Here it is

    Best Free Anti stuff : Avira free version and SUPERantispyware

    Best Paid: NOD 32, Kaspersky, BITdefender, and malwarebytes maybe?

    Norton and avg can go die in a pit of trojan virus shit

  7. I like fsecure because they put out videos on how the av industry is doing. (im running avg free right now because the version of kaspersky doesnt work on windows 7 yet)

  8. Norton is worst antivirus program(or for my mind ROGUE) ever…. I used it for quite bit time when I didn’t really know what a computer was and then It was only there to slow down my computer and I goted another antivirus and firewall it was much much better.

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