Gene Doping: Chapter 1

Gene Doping: Chapter 1 of 2 Kathryn Mangopoulos -Director John Gittins -Cinematographer John Lambrix -MoOF Director/Composer/Narrator Walker Foland -Tech Guru/Editor Year: 2005 The TLB Productions team from Michigan State University’s Lyman Briggs College presents a documentary film that attempts to clarify controversial issues connected with Gene Doping. The film teams explains: “We are here to inform and enlighten the public on a new technology called, gene doping. Tastes Like Burning Productions (TLB) has filmed a documentary that attempts to examine the various controversial issues surrounding this topic.” Experts in film include: Dr. Andrea Amalfitano, Dr. Robert Root-Bernstein, Mr. Dan Koehler. This film was created as part of a senior thesis research project in a course at Michigan State University. Learn more here:

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