CES 2010: Kill CableTV with PopBox HD. Netflix, Revision3, & More!!!

revision3.com Syabas launches the new Popbox HD, a network-enabled streaming device that brings a wide range of online video into your home and your HDTV, including Revision3, Netflix, the BBC and more! It also includes what the company calls PopApps, which let you access twitter, Facebook, Weatherbug and other online services right on your HDTV. The Interface is clean, the remote easy to use, and the content looks and sounds great. The company claims it will support virtually every file …

25 thoughts on “CES 2010: Kill CableTV with PopBox HD. Netflix, Revision3, & More!!!”

  1. The title is somewhat misleading. I thought we could finally get rid of high monthly fees from traditional cable with a new iptv product.

  2. I don’t think you will see Hulu in anything, its owned by the major networks and they are not going to play nice with something like this. Personally I like to see BBC on this, I wonder if it runs it.

  3. its pretty cool device for someone that doesnt really have an xbox or a ps3

    i personally just bought a samsung led tv 55 inch that has a usb port that lets me hook my hard drive. It also has a vga port so i can hook up a laptop to it.

    My ps3 also connected to my tv can recieve all media streams from my home computers. I would buy it if i didnt have a ps3 for sure. I do like how it has netflix streaming though without the ps3s annoying disk you have to put in.

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