25 thoughts on “Build your own uber-gamer keyboard with this Model M mod”

  1. I thought it was only a 2-key rollover the the Model M. Wouldn’t that keyboard in general just not be capable of playing a game?

  2. You know it’s amusing, now I’m looking at my keyboard thinking..Well how can I keep the keys showing, while keeping it looking professional…Oh well lol

  3. I’m aware many appliances these days are designed to light and flimsy manufacturing standards, complete with redundant price-bumping fads; but can the retro keyboard, and other antique cyberwaste, still customize just as much style, functionality and ergonomic appeal, all the while maintaining modern-PC compatibility? Could we finally do away with monochromatic trends and repaint the 80’s rad again? I look forward to your next revamp.

  4. There is a $100 signal converter that a small company makes, but the keyboard goes for about $50 on ebay, and for $150 I might as well by a happy hacking pro or something. I figure there has to be a way to take a new keyboard and somehow either remap the keys onto the new junk keyboard, or just take the circuit board and resolder all the key connections.

  5. Yup, that’s the one, the 83 key type f original pc keyboard. That’s the one I grew up with as well, and fell in love with it. It was the perfect keyboard I think. It’s not a problem simply with the 5 pin din, which is the same as the at keyboard which is compatible with newer computers. There’s a signal difference in the way the keyboard processes keystrokes and also a power issue. I’ve actually read that people have killed their motherboards by trying to plug in xt keyboards with adapters.

  6. Chimera15,

    It’s been a while since I’ve typed on my PC-XT keyboard. I actually grew up on the XT and loved it. A little lacking in the F-key department but otherwise sturdy as a brick and smaller than the IBM Model-M. 83 keys was really the way to go.

    Honestly I didn’t even realize it wasn’t pin compatible with the AT keyboards. I figured a simple AT to PS/2 adapter would get ya going these days, if you wanted to get all nostalgic.

    Good luck with the project!

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