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  1. Try downloading/ installing and using another browser for time being. Preferrably Firefox with Plugins called NoScript plugin and WOT plugin. That will protect your computer from such incidents in future.

  2. Holy shit, I was just browinsg the web and got led to some Russian site with a virus, and it started to open up 100s’ of IE windows, Avast was like “YOU WANNA GOTO WAR?!?!? OKAY!?!?! SAY HELLO TO MY LITTLE FRIEND!!!!” And I aborted about 2-3 hundred connections and stopped thousands of viruses.

  3. I don’t thing anything abnormal with that, that was perhaps the only alert I got, and I won’t mind having to look at the alert after using their software for free for three years. And I do not block any posts that are critical of anything. I review the posts before I let them be online.

  4. Within 20 minutes of using Avast!, I get an “ALERT” message at the bottom right of my screen… hmmm, something about my computer’s security, right???

    No, it’s to “alert” me that Avast! now has 100,000,000 users! who gives a fuck? They’re about to have one fewer if they keep pestering me with shit like that.

  5. Home Edition is free but the Professinal isn’t free if you want the avast home edition you must go to there website i think its avast ]]d0t[[ com you must apply for a 1 year cd from avast for free and type it in then renew it the next year with another free CD key which u apply for from the offical site… oh btw don’t use the avast keygen i tried it and they are now detected as pirated which blocks your version of avast from updating… i now use K.I.S & i say its the best AV/IS software

  6. my mom used to have avast and she got a virus and the alarm sound responded with the caution a virus has been detected thing

  7. you can try using the free version of avast antivirus, and also use a temp files cleaner CCleaner. Run the Cleaner and the registry menus regularly, before you switch off the computer

  8. Hey, i have AVG the latest one, and lately my computer has been going super slow and i get pop ups saying im infected, should i switch to a different anti virus

  9. yes, a firewall has a different job, which is separate from the antivirus program, Unless the antivirus comes with an attached firewall

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