What are the advantages of using Google Public DNS settings?

The first and foremost thing which Google claims is browsing SPEED. Google Public DNS implements prefetching: before the TTL on a record expires and thereby increase DNS response.

More Security by preventing DNS spoofing attacks.

Get the Valid Website content.

  • No Content Blocking
  • No Redirection of invalid pages(as in case of OpenDNS)
  • No Filtering

What is the Advantage ‘FOR’ Google in this free business.

Being the largest online advertising and redirection company, DNS business means much more control over user data, and might be as an option to sneak into competitors business data. More user data means more relevant ads, and hence more revenue for Google. Their privacy policy says that the collected data includes IP address (up to 48 hours, to detect malicious behavior against the service), ISP information and geographic information (2 weeks each). Also they say that the data will not be connected in any way with Google accounts.

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