Revision3 Raises Over $75,000 for charity: water

I’m extremely proud to report that the Revision3 charity: water campaign was a HUGE success. Thanks to the generous contributions of our viewers and sponsors, we have raised more than $75,000 for charity: water over the past couple months! That’s 15 wells with more than 3,750 people given access to clean water. It was endlessly amazing to see all the donations and supportive messages from you, our viewers. With individual donations of $1 to over $2000, your commitment to supporting this campaign has been awe-inspiring.

Our top-raising show was The Young Turks with more than $16K raised by their fans, followed by the Tekzilla/HDNation combo with more than $14K in donations. Destructoid cracked the $5K barrier by holding multiple livestream gameplay telethons to raise money. We thank them for their fourLoko hangovers: it was well worth it! Our hosts and viewers weren’t the only ones to get into the race. Ford took an active interest in what we were doing and created a contest in which the winning show would get $10K donated to their charity: water campaign. Film Riot won this competition (with their Johnny Cobra video) and that brought their total raised to over $12K. Revision3 will be matching Ford’s donation to add another $10K bringing a total of $20K to charity: water on behalf of Film Riot.

Once it’s all said and done with all our campaigns, $75,000 is on its way to where it’s needed most: developing countries in desperate need of clean water. Also, any show that raised more than $5,000 will have the opportunity to name their wells, so you’ll be seeing Tekzilla, The Young Turks, Film Riot, Destructiod, Hak5 and Revison3 wells being dug all over the developing world.

We can’t express our gratitude strongly enough. Thank you all for your support of all our shows in their efforts to make a difference to countless lives across the oceans. We look forward to working with our friends at charity: water on more projects in the future.

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