You may have noticed somethings have changed on We’re proud and excited to present to you the latest update to the Revision3 website which will hopefully enhance your participation in the community, which is already vibrant, active and fun to participate in. But now it’s just became a bit more of a community as we’ve rolled out some new functionality on the site to help you connect and follow your favorite shows, hosts and fellow fans!

Now you can, as a registered user on, customize your unique user profile, follow your favorite shows and show hosts as well as your friends on! In addition to your user profile, we’ve created a personalized homepage that will keep you posted on the latest releases of your favorite shows and keep you up to date on the activities of your friends and favorite shows! We’ve also enhanced many of our social networking capabilities, like integrating with Twitter’s @anywhere platform to make it easier to follow and tweet from

This is the next step in some exciting and fun updates that will be rolling out to through the rest of this year as we try to make it even more fun to watch Revision3’s shows!

Make sure you’ve got a account and log in to check out all the cool new features, or if you don’t, register for one today and get started.

As always we look forward to your feedback and opinions of these changes. Please feel free to let us know what you think either in the comments of this post below or in our discussion forums!

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