Rediff Realtime News Search

Rediff India has introduced ‘Rediff Realtime News Search’, a news search engine which delivers fresh and recent news content from India and the world. This search engine covers Indian and global news from over 30,000 worldwide news sites. It offers the latest images from Indian and international news sites and currently has an index size of approximately 13 million images. Read on for our take… The main USP of this search engine is that it finds out whatever you’re looking for in real-time. Unlike other search engines where you need to click on the search results, here as soon as you type something, all the related news will automatically open-up. For example, when I wrote ‘Ma’, the most important news pertaining to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh (he was in the news at that point of time) opened automatically right underneath the search bar. Also, it shows the most relevant stories on top unlike other search engines where the most recent news takes the top slot.

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