Rebecca Black, Steve Jobs, Google+, Katrina Kaif Top on Google’s 2011 search list

Based on the most popular 2011 Google search terms, people were most interested in getting information on Apple founder Steve Jobs, the iPhone 5, the iPad 2, and Google+.

On the list of fastest-growing search terms, Google’s new social networking site, Google+, came in at a strong second, while the release of Battlefield 3, a first-person shooter video game, came in at number five, and the anticipated release of the iPhone5 was number six.

Non-technology-related searches in the Top 10 list of fastest-growing searches. Rebecca Black, a teen whose song “Friday” made a huge online splash, was on top of the list, which also included Casey Anthony, the mother charged with killing her young daughter, singer Adele and the earthquake/tsunami disaster in Japan.

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